5 Useful Business-Related iPhone Apps

The iPhone is a device many of us now can't do without, and there's a number of apps that are particularly important when it comes to business.

Adobe Reader

The tried and trusted Adobe Reader is one of the most important apps for any iPhone. Its advantages are numerous, and they include the ability to be able to add information to a PDF file, including a signature, and the ability to highlight or strikeout specific parts of text. It's also free, though you can pay a monthly fee if you want an upgrade. If you sign up for an Adobe account, then you will be able to store your documents in the cloud. Both signing up to an Adobe account and utilising the cloud are free.


PayPal offer iPhone users a free app, but where the app differs from the PayPal website is that a card reader is required to access your account. You will need to purchase a card, but this app does offer convenience to businesses, as card payments can be accepted away from the business premises.


CloudMagic is a free email client app. It can support as many as five email accounts, and complements the likes of Yahoo, Gmail, Exchange, Outlook, iCloud, as well as working with any type of IMAP account. This app gives you the option of clicking on an individual email account, or your inbox as a whole. For the latter, emails are colour coded to help you instantly discover how many emails you've received to an individual account. CloudMagic is also a useful app for business, and incorporated in it are Salesforce.com, Zendesk, OneNote and Evernote.

Onavo Protect

For the security conscious Onavo Protect is designed to safeguard your information, and the information that you share with others. It offers peace of mind from phishing attempts, and for when you use your credit card or log in to your bank. Any potential threats are flagged by the app, while websites that pose a potential threat will be blocked.


The net's most popular business-related social media site has an iPhone app available that allows you to post updates, add contacts, and update your details while on the move. There's an instant messaging facility, too, and you will be able to check who's endorsed your skills, and which of your contact and friends have changed their jobs. In addition, you will also be able to create your CV via this app.

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