Google Says Android Now Has Over 1.4 Billion Active Users

Google’s platform Android is getting bigger with the passage of time. The company has recently revealed that Android has now over 1.4 billion active users with an increment of at least 400 million users as compared to the previous year.

The recent Android-relevant data has been disclosed by Sundar Pichai, CEO Google, during this year’s Nexus event held on 30th September in San Francisco.

“The scale at which everything is working is pretty breathtaking to see,” Said Pichai.

As per Gartner, the famous Information Technology Research and Advisory firm, the Android progress had slowed down in 2015. The report further revealed that Android caters to a massive 80% of the Smartphone market and that is the basic reason of its diminished growth rate since 2013.

According to Ansul Gupta, RD at Gartner,

“China is the biggest country for Smartphone sales, representing 3o percent of total sales of Smartphones in the quarter of 2015. Its poor performance negatively affected the performance of mobile phone market in the second quarter.”

Google though is focusing on giving access of mobile phones to another one billion users instead to capture the residual segment of the market.

“We’ve added 400 million active devices and the momentum is happening around the world-especially in emerging economies. In many, many places. In countries like Indonesia and Vietnam Android has literally doubled in the last year. And what’s exciting about this is in most of these cases these are people who are adopting a Smartphone for the first time, said Pichai.

He also talked about Android One, the higher grade, budget friendly Smartphones.

“We’ve expanded the program to many countries,” he declared.

“We’ve recently launched it in Turkey about a month ago and General Mobile’s Android One phone has been the best-selling phone in Turkey since then.”

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