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Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Get the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 with bad credit. Galaxy Note10 – your PC, game console, notepad, image and video editing device. All in one mobile.

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    SKU: galaxynote10

    With the new Galaxy Note10, Samsung is challenging the notions of what's possible with a mobile phone. The note is characterized by extreme processing power, easily accessible features, versatility and design. And of course, S Pen which in itself changes how you can work more efficiently and more intuitively. Galaxy Note10 is more than just a phone: it's a PC, a game console, a notepad, an image and video editing device designed for you with very high standards. For a larger display, the Note10 + has a 6.8-inch display.

    • New and more compact 6.3 “format
    • Professional triple camera
    • Powerful battery of 3500 mAh
    • Includes S Pen with motion sensor
    • Infinity display with 95% display area

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