HUSH: New App to Cut Out battery drain on Android smartphones

Consumer based research studies has revealed that even while the smartphone screen is off there is an average battery drain of about 28.9% in smartphones . To combat the issue, Researchers from Purdue University have launched a new mechanism designed specifically for Android handsets called HUSH. The tool targets those apps which are not frequently in use and curtails the energy consumption up to 16% without affecting the regular phone usage.

The research was carried out in association by Purdue University, Mobile Enerlytics and Intel Corp. The findings concluded after monitoring the use of 2000 Galaxy S3 and S4 phones by 191 cellular operators in 61 countries. The research project was funded by the National Science Foundation and Intel 5G Research Program.

“Apps wake the phone up periodically during screen- off to do useful things but then afterward, they should let the phone go back to sleep.”, explained Prof Charlie Hu of Prude University.
Android Apps are automatically refreshed and updated throughout the day even if the smartphone is in the pocket or locked.

HUSH itself is sufficient to boost a battery up to 13% and smartly recognizes the apps which are rarely used by the user. It then automatically shuts all activities running in the background. In addition, it also drains power for several legitimate maintenance purposes as well as faulty apps.
According to Prof Hu,

“This is going to be a non-trivial journey because much of the battery drain is caused by various apps when the screen is on and also legitimate maintenance functions.”

The research is still on and is digging out of the box solutions via which the battery drain can be minimized.

Prof Hu explained the goal of the research team as:

“The big picture is that we want to double the battery life for smartphones.”

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