iOS10: Your Problems Solved


Like most operating system updates, iOS10 has had a few issues. Don't get us wrong: we love the new version, with its great new lock screen and better keyboard, as well as a host of other cool features. But all OS updates have a hiccup or two, and iOS10 is no exception. Had a few problems since you updated? Not to worry, we're here with solutions to all of the most common iOS10 update issues.

Problem: I've Run Out of Storage!

Eugh, okay, this is by far the most common problem on iPhones with system updates. An iPhone has a limited amount of storage on board, since there are no SD card slots on Apple products. Unfortunately, a new OS version can eat up a ton of what little storage space you have left. This is especially true on older devices. The fix is a fairly quick one though. All you need to do is free up some of that storage space to get your phone running back at peak performance.

Now, you could spend a bunch of time sifting through your storage space and figuring out what's where and what needs to stay and what can go. However, by far the fastest and easiest thing to do is to plug into your computer, open iTunes, and back up to your iCloud account. Obviously, you're not going to want to delete everything on your phone. However, photos, music that you're not currently listening to, and videos that you're not currently watching can all be backed up to the cloud and then deleted en masse from your phone pretty fast. This should leave you with plenty of free storage space (and your stuff is still on the cloud should you need it later).

Problem: My Apps Keep Crashing

Another pretty common problem after an update is that some apps won't work properly or will crash when opened. The fix is another simple one… Press and hold on the icon of the app in question, hit the X that appears in the corner of the icon and delete the app. Now head into the App Store and download the same app again. You should find that everything now works perfectly.

There are a few things you should know here though. Firstly, this isn't a perfect fix. Some apps simply haven't been optimised for iOS10 yet and will still crash even after reinstalling. The best bet for these is to wait a couple of weeks then try again. Secondly, any game progress etc. could be lost when deleting and reinstalling, and there's no much you can do about that, sadly. Finally, if the app is a paid app you will NOT have to pay again when reinstalling (which is good news).

Problem: I Hate Having to Press the Home Button for Touch ID!

A new feature on iOS10 means that instead of just resting your finger on the home button to register your fingerprint and therefore unlock your phone, you now have to press the home button. This seems like a minor inconvenience, but it's a very unpopular change with most iPhone users. However, you can change this back to the old settings very easily.

Head into your Settings menu, choose General, then Accessibility, then Home Button. On the resulting menu find the option that says “Rest Finger to Open” and toggle it on. Back out and you should now be able to glide your finger over the home button just like you did in iOS9. Problem solved.

Problem: My Bluetooth isn't Working Properly!

Another commonly reported issue with iOS10 is that Bluetooth devices aren't connecting properly or are failing to connect altogether. Not to worry though, this is simple to fix. Go into your Settings menu, choose General, then Reset. In the menu that appears hit Reset Network Settings. Now back out. You'll need to go into your WiFi section and re-enter your WiFi name and password (plus any other WiFi connections you regularly use), and then go through the initial connection process for your Bluetooth device(s) again. But once you've done this you should find that everything works perfectly again. Bingo.

Problem: My Mail App isn't Working!

Some users are having issues with the Apple Mail app for email, either with new emails failing to show up or the Mail app refusing to accept your password. This is generally only for those that are forwarding email from other clients (like Gmail). Another easy fix though…

Go into Settings, then Mail, then Accounts. Choose your account that's having problems (or all accounts if none of them are working properly), and sign out. Then on the same page hit the button that says “Add Account” and enter your account information again (email address and appropriate password). This will reset the Mail app and all should be good.

Problem: My iMessage Effects Have Disappeared!

Last year's iOS update came with some swish new special effects in iMessage, and some users are reporting that these effects have disappeared with the iOS10 update. This is probably because a setting somewhere along the line has been tweaked, but getting your effects back is easy.

Head into your Settings menu, hit General, then Accessibility. Scroll down until you see the option that says “Reduce Motion” and toggle it back on again. Back out and your iMessage effects should be back to normal.

Problem: My Battery Life Sucks Now!

Lastly, though not as commonly reported as with the last iOS update, some people are saying that their battery life has worsened since the update. This is almost certainly due to a rogue app that hasn't been optimised for iOS10 yet. Head into Settings and hit Battery to see a break down of what's sucking down juice, then hit the option for “Last 4 Days” to get a comparison. You'll probably find that one or two apps have been taking more than their fair share of juice.

You can delete these apps, but if you don't want to there's another fix. Go into Settings, then General, then choose “Background App Refresh.” Find the offending apps and toggle this possibility off. You should find that your battery life now improves.

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