iPhone 6 S is due in fall 2015: What can we expect?

Apple's product release cycle in the smartphone department has been more or less stable since 2009, with a new iPhone at the end of every summer. In the established order of numbers and models, 2015 is an “S” year. This means we can expect a vamped up, sexier version of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to hit the shelves some time in September this year, only six months away. What can you expect?


“iPhone 6 S” sounds sexy enough, but “iPhone 6 S Plus” is a bit of a tongue twister, so maybe the overhauled version of the bigger brother will get a new name. Alternatively, Apple might as well not update its 5.5.-inch offering, seeing as it is already quite powerful and packed with extra features compared to the 4.7-inch version. Samsung and HTC could only be happy about this possibility, but only time will tell.


Since the iPhone 6 offered quite a radical departure from the hard-edge candy bar shape which was established with iPhone 4 and perfected by the 5 and 5 S models, it is unlikely we will see a major redesign. As long as Apple solves the problem of hair getting caught in the aluminium frame, we will all be happy with the look of the new iPhones.


It is almost certain the new iPhones will come with a more powerful, A9 processor courtesy of Samsung. After several processor updates which brought on only mediocre improvements in processing speed, the A9 will be a quantum leap forward from an already pretty advanced level of computing power. Expect nothing short of lightning-fast 6 S performance!


There is a persistent rumour the iPhone 6 S update will come with 2 GB of RAM. This is double the current working memory. This update was already on our minds while we were waiting for the iPhone 6 back in 2014, so it is definitely overdue. As such, you can pretty much count on it.


This is one of the areas where every iPhone generation has delivered major updates. 2015 finds us guessing. Some rumours suggest a quantum leap forward with the introduction of two lenses which will furnish the iPhone 6 S with DSLR capabilities. While this would definitely be awesome, others insider voices insisted Apple would stick to its current 8-Megapixel, single-lens variant.

Touch ID

Touch ID has become an integral part of the iPhone ever since the 5 S came out and will definitely stay. The iPhone 6 S is likely to see technical improvements to the touch sensor to increase security and reliability. This, together with the NFC capabilities, will also enhance the credibility and usage of Apple Pay.


While the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus dimensions will likely remain unchanged, there is word out there that we will finally get sapphire displays on the 6 S models. Apple has kept in close touch with Foxconn. Another, though even less probable, feature of the new displays can be Force Touch, or the ability to recognise different gestures (e.g. light tap vs. heavy press, multiple taps, etc.). This would involve a significant overhaul of Apple's current display technology and so remains only an educated guess.

No new 4-incher

There were persistent rumours about a new 4-inch iPhone to appease the small-phone lovers out there. People familiar with Apple's supply chain have no evidence for that. Instead, the company will continue putting out 5 S models as a smaller alternative which still packs most of the goodies of its latest offerings.

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