Microsoft may launch Lumia phones, Surface Pro 4, Xbox One Mini in October bonanza event

Release of new hardware products by Microsoft is long overdue. The fresh rumors suggest that Microsoft’s bonanza event in October will serve as the launching pad for their new devices including Surface Pro 4, Xbox one mini, Lumia 940, 940 XL and Band 2.

The most anticipated of the expected devices to be launched are of course the new upgraded Windows phones Lumia 940 and its XL version, Lumia940XL. Though the specs of the two phones have been leaked via various sources and a long debate has ensued regarding the leaked features, the final design of the Lumia 940 remains shrouded in layers. Similarly the integration of the pen feature and the effectiveness of the iris scanner remain a topic of interest.

So far the leaked images suggest that Microsoft Lumia 940 will feature a 3GB RAM and 20MP rear camera. The device will operate on Windows 10 with a Dual-core 1.82 GHz CPU and Snapdragon 808 chipset. The leaked images reveal a 5.2 inches device with a sleek appearance.

Of the other rumored device is Surface Pro 4 is successor to the Surface Pro3 which was released more than one year ago. Though the newer version of Surface Pro will extend upon the characteristics of Surface Pro 3, reports suggest that Microsoft will opt for the strategy of competitive pricing to grab a larger market share. Given the rumors that Surface Pro4 will feature Intel’s latest Skylake processors the technology analysts are especially looking forward to the release of this device.

As far as the release of Xbox One Mini is concerned, the reports indicate that the focus will be on a more compact design. Thus Microsoft has decided to forgo the Blu-ray playback function thus reducing the size upto three times.

Since Band 2 remains the most un-talked about device, nothing significant is known about it. However the general trend suggests a sleeker fitness band.

Microsoft is hoping to give Apple a tough competition with their Surface Pro 4 supporting Intel’s Skylarks technology. Though Apple’s event is set for September which will feature their annual releases, however Microsoft hopes to give Apple a run for its money with its featured devices.

Stepping away from their conventional release pattern and adopting the Apple event like strategy, is a big step for Microsoft. Whether it will pay off or not, remains yet to be seen.

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