Samsung Galaxy S7 To Come In Three Sizes, 5.1”, 5.5” And 6”

As per an exclusive latest report, the Samsung Galaxy S7 will be launched in three distinct sizes – 5.1-inches, 5.5-inches and 6-inches.

The report attributes ITSKINS to be the source of this information, which is a Smartphone accessory manufacturer. The company was recently revealed as the 3D suppliers displaying the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge and the Galaxy S7 Plus models.

Samsung Galaxy S7 is speculated to flaunt a 5.1-inches display; the Galaxy 7 Edge is expected to feature a 5.5-inches display whereas Galaxy S7 Plus will come with a 6-inches large display.

The Galaxy S7 Plus is the only device to feature flat as well as dual-curved display choices, which apparently means that there will be four versions of Galaxy S7 including Galaxy S7 with 5.1-inches display, Galaxy S7 with 5.5-inches display, Galaxy S7 Plus and Galaxy S7+ Edge.

As per leaks, all the models will feature a similar design. The company has not given much attention to change the existent designs, which means Samsung Galaxy S7 will have more or less the same design as its predecessor Samsung Galaxy S6 or its variants.

An important difference from Galaxy S6 is going to be the curved back on the Samsung Galaxy S7 flat-display versions. This feature will make the design more functional just like it did on the Galaxy Note 5.

Samsung is yet to comment on, or confirm, the speculations.

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