Samsung Galaxy Users Are Getting An Exclusive News App

Samsung made a recent announcement of its partnership with European publisher Axel Springer ahead of the IFA Consumer Electronics Conference and showcased their first jointly made news platform called UPDAY. The platform will be offering all “Need to Know” information curated by internal editorial team and an algorithm generated “Want to Know” information.

The pair added that they will work with each other on “digital media offerings exclusively for Samsung customers” and will develop a range of “Creative new services” for “2016 and beyond” markets.

Axel Springer further ensured that the users can access the content outside its church of publications. A company spokeswoman said, “UPDAY not only aggregates Axel-Springer content but also content of a lot of other publishers. It is about distributing content of Axel Springer and other publishers to Samsung customers”.

The proclamation follows the launch of “own news app” by Apple which will debut in iOS 9 and will source content from different publishers and present a personalized feed to its users. Samsung hasn’t shared details about the featured news publishers in UPDAY. In addition there seems no hint of accessibility of the app on any other devices besides Samsung Galaxy Phones. This makes UPDAY an exclusive and aloof release like Flipborard for Android initially.

Axel Springer has not yet disclosed any details about quantity of the editorial content they plan to control or even if they will be publishing exclusive content over UPDAY. Google Play Store and Samsung Galaxy Apps service will ensure the availability of early beta chronicle from 3rd September restrictively to the users of Germany and Poland. The subsequent full launch is expected early next year. The service hopefully will cater more markets across Europe.

The joint venture doesn’t reveal their data privacy. According to them the content will both meet and anticipate consumer’s rapidly evolving needs.

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