Samsung Introduces 2 New Galaxy Note 5 Colours

Samsung has come up with two new color options for Galaxy Note 5 in its home market-Silver Titanium and Pink Gold. Both the devices are exactly the same internally and identical in functionality. Apparently Silver Titanium is in accordance with the color scheme showed off by the company at the official launch of Galaxy Note 5, but it wasn’t released in the market.

Apple has succeeded in making huge profit via tremendous sales of its recently introduced iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus Phablet. The competitors are striving hard to entice the customers with enhanced functions, remarkable designs and seamless features so as to make their flagships stand out. It has also been rumored that Samsung was devising an ingenious way to connect with its upcoming Smartphone Galaxy S7.

The offered color variations bear resemblance with Rose Gold and silver iPhone 6S Plus. The devices will originally be available in South Korea only but would ultimately reach worldwide markets including the UK and US.

As far as the newly released color variants of Galaxy Note 5 are concerned,  Silver Titanium seems more sophisticated and classy, whereas Pink Gold is a good choice for those seeking alternative for the Rose Gold iPhone 6S Plus.

Both color variants will be up for sale in South Korea from 23 October. The Silver Titanium will come with two storage options including 32GB and 64GB and will cost $800 (899,900 won) and $850 (965,800 won) respectively. On the other hand, the Pink Gold Galaxy Note 5 will be available in 64GB option only and is priced at $850 (965,800 won).

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is said to be the fate changer or deal breaker device for chronic Android fans. The handset features a 5.7-inches display along with an augmented camera, a super-dynamic processor and an S pen stylus.

As per the tech analysts, the Note 5 is the South Korea’s OEM’s beefiest phone yet.

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