Samsung Tipped to Launch ‘Galaxy O’ Range of Smartphones Soon

Samsung is currently working on their new series Galaxy O Smartphones. The speculations reveal that two devices, codenamed SM-G550 and SM-G600 are in the making.

It is also rumored that “O” stands for “Oculus”. The company Oculus has been planning to hold its conferences in September, named Connect2. Oculus is going to launch Oculus Rift virtual reality headset but it is also rumored to announce a collaboration device with Samsung. This device could be all-in-one wireless VR headset similar to Oculus Rift.

It has also been predicted that ‘Galaxy O’ could be a new line of Samsung’s smart phone series with the devices being centered on VR. Though, Samsung’s ‘Galaxy O’ could be a smartphone range developed with partnership of Oculus.

In Mid-August, sources of Sam Mobile revealed that Samsung is going to launch some “O” series. The phones under development, codenamed SM-G550 and SM-G600, might be named Galaxy O5 and Galaxy O7 respectively. Other than Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy S series, there are also A, E, J, and Z series of smartphones. All feature different characteristics, so it’s not easy to make a verdict on what the “O” series will represent.

Samsung likes to experiment and introduce innovative and fresh ideas. That’s what it did with the Note series; now the phone’s don’t come with a screen less than 5’’ and are doing good in the market. Maybe, ‘Galaxy O’ series could be the next big thing in the tech market by Samsung.

Samsung’s A and E series are premium phones with a friendly budget while Galaxy J is considered to be access level. Galaxy Z has Samsung’s own Tizen OS rather than Android. Most of them appear in different parts of the world, so we are not sure of O’s disposal in different countries.

If the rumors are to believed then Samsung will unveil its ‘O’ series in IFA expo 2015 next month.

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