Waiting For Low-Cost Windows 10 Phones? Keep Waiting, Says Microsoft Executive

As per a top Executive of Microsoft, the Indian market hoping for cheaper Lumia Smartphones loaded with Windows 10 need to wait because the tech giant is concentrating on rebranding and releasing new Smartphones to take out big players in the smartphone arena.

Conversing about the latest trends in India regarding Android, which has a big share owing to the latest releases in average-cost range starting from Rs. 6000 – 10000, he reiterated that though the country has a big Android market the launch of next generation Smartphones will bring some significant changes in the user trends.

The chief evangelist at Microsoft Corporation, Guggenheimer, revealed the following in an interview conducted in New Delhi:

“I do not have a timeline for new range phones as of now. One step at a time and you can assume it to be logical for us to scale the Lumia line to other price point over time.”

Guggenheimer also described the latest features and company’s future strategy related with forthcoming Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL for the Indian market.

Costing at Rs.43, 699 and Rs.49, 399, both Lumia models are accessible at retail points of Croma, Reliance and Sangeetha along with Microsoft Store on Amazon.in.

In addition, Guggenheimer also talked about various other relevant features including Microsoft Office 2016, Retina Scan and the unique feature Continuum.

“It is fun to watch new start-ups using technology and apply it to areas which need to be refreshed. We don’t say ‘here are some products for sports’; we’ll say here are some tools and some technologies to start-ups. Let them have the creative ideas. And then we bring them together,” he further added.

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