Will Samsung be able to Wow the World with Galaxy S6 Camera?

A recent statement made by Samsung VP and Head of Camera R&D Group has confirmed that the future of smartphone cameras is going to change with Galaxy S6 camera. While it is true that a great camera will have an impact on the overall success a smartphone enjoys, it is not easy for a new entrant in the market to challenge existing smartphones. You can already see a great deal of diversity in what leading smartphone companies are offering these days. If Samsung has to find a market for the next Galaxy flagship, it's important that they beat iPhone cameras. And… that's quite possible, actually.

Dong Hoon Jang, the vice president of Samsung has confirmed that they are introducing several major hardware and software improvements. It means you may get a camera that goes beyond 16 megapixel sensors currently available in Samsung high-end sets. Jang also mentioned that their aim is to eliminate the gap between digital cameras and smartphone cameras. In fact, the smartphone cameras are going to be even better – with Galaxy S6, you might have an intelligent camera that would do all the thinking on your behalf and adjust brightness, colors, and everything else to help you take amazing pictures. Well, you will still have to worry about one thing – that is, pressing the shutter button!

Considering how Samsung has introduced new products in the last few years, it becomes evident that they are taking their cameras and battle with Apple extremely seriously. It is rumoured that the upcoming Galaxy S6 will introduce a 20-megapixel sensor. If Samsung does it, they will definitely be in a position to compete with Apple because the next iPhone model won't be an upgrade from 8MP sensor.

The notable thing is that more megapixels doesn't mean the quality will improve substantially. Other features like digital zoom for video recording and UHD 4k video-capture make camera phones more effective. Moreover, it is important to eliminate certain quality issues inherent with sensors, such as imaging noise, for which it usually becomes important to increase the size of the lens and sensor on the phone camera. Apple may have fewer megapixels, but their smartphones are extremely efficient at the digital processing of images. That's why they can compete with high-end smartphones for images.

An important thing is that if Samsung is only relying on megapixels, they may not be able to sweep the market. The reason is that there are other better alternatives available, like Microsoft Lumia 1020 that comes with a 41-megapixel sensor. Things may look different for Samsung if they also introduce some specific software or hardware changes that make pictures look great. How Samsung manages its battle with Apple while getting new customers through its smartphones will only become clear in April may be when S6 actually hits the market. So, wait and see!

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