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    Bad Credit Mobile Phone Contracts For UK Consumers

    If you have bad credit or a poor credit history and have been declined for a contract phone elsewhere we can help. are dedicated to getting you a brand new contract phone, guaranteed.

    Whether it’s a rough financial period in your life or debts from years ago still on record; we don't care about your credit history, only your credit future. So choose which phone you want, tell us a bit about yourself and get an instant decision today.

    Struggling to get a mobile phone contract because you have bad credit?

    More and more people in the UK are struggling to get their hands on a new pay monthly phone contract due to their credit rating.

    Whether it’s a rough financial period in their life or debts from years ago still on their record; they are turned away or asked more a higher deposit than they can afford.

    Here at we understand that life can throw you a curve ball from time to time and circumstances can easily fall outside of your control. Mobile phones are now an essential part of everyday life
    and we want all our customers to benefit from them. Missing important work calls or not been able to get a job because you don’t have a phone is something we want to eradicate and we’ll try help you get a mobile contract no matter what your credit history.

    We work with a range of partners to offer great credit terms for you and our expert team can help come up with a solution for you. And in many cases, you might be surprised at how good a deal we can get you.

    A high percentage of people come to us with bad credit and see their hopes of getting a new mobile phone fulfilled. Our philosophy here is everyone who wants a contract phone should be able to have one.

    When Swift Contract Phones started back on the high street in the late 1990’s we quickly garnered a great reputation for providing high-quality phones at great prices. Since going solely online in 2008 we’ve maintained those standards.

    It doesn’t matter whether you want an iPhone XS Max, a Galaxy S10 or an Xperia Z3. If you buy it from us you’re safe in the knowledge the phone is brand new and top quality.

    Our flexible approach and independent status gives us room for manoeuvre on what deals we can offer. Every one of our customers gets treated individually and our state of the art comparison tool lets customers find a deal that suits them.

    Is it possible to get a mobile phone contract with bad credit?

    The simple answer is yes, it most certainly is possible. Just because you have bad credit doesn’t automatically mean you are not able to purchase a pay monthly mobile phone deal. You may struggle to get the exact phone you want fortunately there are choices.

    Before you start choosing an expensive Samsung Galaxy S9 or iPhone X it’s important to know why retailers might turn you down due to your credit rating.

    The reason is simple; mobile phone contracts are subsidised. You get a free phone + calling plan and pay it back in monthly installments.

    The reason to be declined for this is when the mobile phone company thinks that you’re a high-risk customer. They do this by running a credit check and if there’s something on it that worries them then they make not be willing to take you on as a customer as they could lose money by bringing you on board.

    How to get A Mobile Phone Contract With Bad Credit

    So armed with the information we presented you above you know that in order to get a contract phone with bad credit you will need to lower your risk to the mobile phone company. Here are some tips:

    1. Compare Handsets

    The ideal starting point when trying to get a contract with bad credit is to find a handset that you have a realistic chance of being accepted for. As we revealed above, the more expensive the phone, the higher the chance of refusal. So you might have to sacrifice the high ends devices like the iPhone XS Max or Samsung Galaxy S10.

    By opting for a handset that isn’t top of the line, you reduce your risk to the phone company and you’ll have a lot more success.

    2. Think About Going SIM Only and Buying a Mobile Phone Outright

    SIM only is a great way to rebuild credit and the acceptance rate is high on them. You’ll have to buy a phone outright to use with the SIM only deal but it’s a very smart idea and that’s why many bad credit customers don’t choose it. It’s one we would recommend as it means you’re not taking on credit you can’t afford and can start rebuilding.

    3. Put Down an Upfront Deposit

    Sometimes the networks will offer you the phone you want but only if you put down an upfront deposit.

    By doing this you lower their risk to take you on. If the phone company can take a sum of money up front then they protect themselves from you defaulting. This of course significantly increases your chances for a phone contract with bad credit.

    Along with SIM only this our preferred method for obtaining a contract phone.

    4. Apple Direct with Network Operators

    If you want to speak directly with a network operator then we can put you in touch. In many cases, you can negotiate with their customer service staff and find a solution that suits both parties.

    5. Don’t keep reapplying

    Please remember if one network rejects your application, don’t reapply as you will be rejected again. By all means, shop around as each network has different policies and some are more lenient than others.

    What is a Bad Credit Score?

    A bad credit score means that you may find many mobile phone networks are unwilling to approve you for the phone you you need.

    All credit agencies use a different system for assessing your credit score, but they all check the same factors. The main credit referencing agencies consider the below to be the main boundaries for a Very Poor to Excellent credit score:

    • Experian: Zero to 560 is Very Poor, 961 to 999 is Excellent
    • Callcredit: Zero to 550 is Very Poor, 628 to 710 is Excellent
    • Equifax: Zero to 278 is Very Poor, 467 to 700 is Excellent

    How to Improve Your Credit Score

    The good news is that even if you do have a very poor credit score, it can be improved with just a few little steps.

    For starters make sure you’re on the electoral roll, ensure your name is added to any utility bills and make sure that there are no mistakes on your credit file (which you can view at all of the three credit reference agencies).

    You can also build your credit score over time, by paying off your bills on time and reducing the balance on any outstanding credit credits or other forms. This keeps your utiisation of credit low.

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