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    Iphone Bad Credit

    Bad Credit iPhone Contracts For UK Residents

    iPhones are high end phones and carry the price tag to match. Naturally most iPhone deal require a credit check that's not easy to pass even for consumers with good credit scores.

    But if you're a savvy shopper and know how to beat the mobile phone shops at their own game, you can still get a good deal whatever your credit score may be.

    The No Credit Check iPhone Contract

    If you know you will fail a credit check then one option is the no credit check iPhone deal.

    This deal usually works by asking you to pay for several weeks in advance before receiving the phone.

    Many customers turn their nose up at this deal as they want the phone tomorrow, but do you really think a retailer is going to send you goods worth over £1000 when you've already proven to be a financial  basket case?

    The answer is no, so if you want that iPhone and don't understand the concept of saving, then the no credit check option is one for you to consider.

    You will pay a  premium for this approach, but it's de facto the only no credit check option available in the UK right now.

    Buy a Cheaper iPhone Outright

    Apple are notorious for bringing out new iPhones each year that have very little in the way of improvement or spec bumps.

    So that iPhone that is now 2 years old isn't such a bad buy afterall and is going at cut prices both new and refurbished.

    Rather than wanting to impress Chantelle with how good the camera is on the iPhone 11 when you're sat taking selfies on the sofa while watching Jeremy Kyle, consider buying an iPhone 7 or 8 off eBay outright,

    You can then pair this with a SIM only deal which is much easier to pass a credit check on.

    Use Apple Finance

    Apple also offer their own form of finance which you can apply for their via website. This will be credit checked but if you are able to put down a sensible deposit then this is both a viable and attainable way of getting the latest and greatest iPhone.

    iPhone Contracts

    One of the best ways to pickup a good iPhone deal is to look out for any sweeteners or new customer incentives that are included in the contract.

    Remember, when a new iPhone comes out, you'll pay a premium price for it.

    But the longer it's on sale, the more prices drop. If you're not too bothered about owning the latest iPhone, the best period to buy an existing model is in the few months before a new iPhone is due out, which is usually in September.

    Networks and retailers begin to push heavily discount existing iPhone handsets to clear stock, ahead of the arrival of the new model.

    Prices of older iPhones also drop after the new model is released too. So if you're happy to wait it out then the deals do come your way.

    Helping You Find an iPhone Deal

    Whether it’s a rough financial period in your life or debts from years ago still on record; we don't care about your credit history, only your credit future. So choose which iPone you want, tell us a bit about yourself and get an instant decision today.

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