Google Launches final Android Marshmallow Developer preview and official Android 6.0 SDK

Google has officially put a stop to the speculation regarding the new Android operating system by putting an M sign on their Garden’s green Droid statue.

Initially, the M developer Preview was released in May which served as the testing ground for the developers. The name of the Google’s latest Android operating system has been launched along with its final Developer preview update. Thus the day marks the introduction of Android 6.0 SDK. It is also referred to as Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

The update to Android 6.0 will enable the developers to publish their apps on Google Play targeting Android Marshmallow’s API level 23.

Some of the exciting new features Android Marshmallow has to offer are:

1. Permission Upgrade

Android 6.0 Marshmallow offers a better user interface by updating the permissions and their behavior. Now users will be able to have an elevated and enhanced access to the roots of their Android devices.

2. Support for USB type-C standard

The type-C standard connects to both hosts and devices, thus ensuring a better and more convenient user experience of sharing files and data.

3. Tap on Now

This feature of Android Marshmallow’s version 6.0 basically analyzes the text on your screen and gives you relevant searches in the form of cards. For example, it gives you ideas of different restaurants during your chat with a friend, on which restaurant to dine in.

4. Built in Fingerprint scanner support

This feature provides built in support to the users for finger print scan rather than installation of a new app. This is an upgrade in Android’s privacy.

5. Fingerprint API change

Android 6.0 SDK is giving the users an improvement in finger and touch enrollment .

6. Android Pay

Android Pay sets up an easy payment method for the user whether they are shopping in an app or in a store. Android Pay simply asks you to give your account and device details. Thus whenever you are shopping you can pay with a few simple taps thus eliminating the lengthy procedure of filling in details each time.

Currently, the new operating system preview is available for the latest Android devices like Nexus 5, Nexus 6 and Nexus 9. The users who had signed up earlier for the preview will receive an over the air update.

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