iPhone 6: More RAM for Your Money?

Many analysts believe that the iPhone 6 is perhaps the most popular phone currently on the market. Staying in line with the ability of Apple to produce functional phones (and in no small part due to massively successful marketing campaigns), the sixth version has already been purchased by millions of consumers. However, Apple has still had to wrestle with a feature that has plagued all smartphone manufacturers. Namely, how can phones keep up with the unprecedented ability to download and access untold amounts of information? From modern apps to high-definition video storage, this has been a constant challenge. Will this be addressed in the near future?

More Than Rumours Alone?

There is a good deal of talk which states that the next upgrade of iPhone (the 6S or even the 7?) will offer users a full two gigabytes of RAM as opposed to the single gigabyte currently inside of 2014 models. This may very well be more than a dream, as the Apple iPad Air 2 already provides two gigabytes of memory.

Keeping Ahead of the Times

As mentioned previously, one of the primary reasons for this need arises from the simple fact that users are demanding more out of their phones. They want to be able to run multiple apps simultaneously. In line with modern cameras, the phones should support larger high-definition pictures. In terms of streaming videos, a more robust memory will vastly improve their display while limiting the frustrating effects of buffering.

A Balancing Act

Still, things are not set in stone. Consumers need to remember that the latest iPhone is not cheap. Doubling their internal RAM is likely to add a hefty price tag to any upgrades. Thus, Apple needs to consider as to whether or not such a change is logical. Do they wish to lose part of their demographic for an extra gigabyte? Of course, there is also the very real concern that suppliers' issues also need to be dealt with. For example, can this advancement be easily integrated into these phones or will factories need to be retooled? It is clear that there are still many concerns that need to be addressed.

One Advancement of Many?

One hint that a two-gigabyte upgrade may be realistic is that some other features of the upcoming version have already been leaked. It is thought that advancements will include a dual-lens camera, a pressure sensor and even a sapphire touch screen. So, perhaps these are all designed around a more powerful level of RAM. Like most announcements, time will tell.

Naturally, two gigabytes will primarily appeal to those who intend to use the phone for more entertainment-based purposes. This needs to be taken into account and Apple should weigh this portion of their audience in comparison with those who simply desire a functional smartphone. As seen in the past, the physical structure of the phone needs to be taken into account; no one wishes to enjoy two gigabytes of power if the phone itself is too delicate.

As we are only in early 2015, any such massive announcement will likely occur during the second half of the year. This could partially depend upon what the competition has in store. Nonetheless, analysts and tech gurus are keeping their eyes and ears open.

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