Sk Telecom Works With Samsung, Lg On Smart Home

SK Telecom (SKT), South Korea’s largest operator, recently announced its collaboration over the interconnectivity of Smart home platform with two other local tech giants, Samsung and LG. SK launched its Smart home platform back in May, 2015.

The aim behind this cooperation is to make this platform in compatible with IoT devices being manufactured by Samsung and LG. These devices will be equipped with Samsung and LG smart home capabilities and will be controlled by SK telecom’s Smart Home App. These include consumer electronic products like washing machines, air conditioners, air purifiers, refrigerators, door locks and electric meters.

According to Yoon C. Lee, VP and Head of Sales and Marketing Team at Samsung,

“We have a strategic plan to collaborate with diverse companies who have their own smart home platforms to maximize effectiveness of customers’ use.”

At IFA 2015, SK telecom also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with LG to collaborate closely in the smart home business.

SK telecom, with its first ever participation at IFA, showcased different services and platforms related to smart home. At its booth, they demonstrated the use of mobile App to control products like air conditioners and boilers. An interactive advertisement platform “smart shelf” can also be experienced by visitors that play ad films with the use of LCD displays.

“We have been making efforts to create an open ecosystem around our smart home platform to bring benefits to all stake holders.” added Young- hoon.

“Cooperation with two global consumer electronic giants Samsung Electronics and LG electronics is expected to take smart home to the next level, providing users with greater value and convenience.” Young-hoon further added.

Till date, company has gone into partnership with over 25 other companies of diversified industries including furniture, construction and consumer electronics. They aim to introduce at least 20 new smart home products by the end of 2015 and over 30 smart home capable devices by 2016.

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